CMJ Week, NYC.

It wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be. Well I guess that's kind of a lie since my ass didn't go out too much. I went to Track's Oxy Cottontail performance, Floss @ 88 Delancey, Tanya Morgan @ Southpaw, East Village Radio on friday night, Kid Sister @ Knitting Factory and Tiombe @ 88 Delancey.

That may seem like a lot to do in a week but if you considered that there were a million events per day then you'll see that my ass was a bit of a shut in. But regardless, it was a fun week. Got to hangout with a ton of folk I hadn't seen in awhile, meet some folk for the first time and kick it with a few that I seem to be around quite often. So here's the CMJ roll call ..

DJ Lindsey, DJ Myles and the helpful folk at the soho grand .. I'm coming back Lindsey! Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Loud Minority, iM, A-Trak, Kid Sister, Flosstradamus (byya!), Nick Catchdubs, Mark Ronson with the crisp trench, Daniel Merriweather, Ms. Safia, Wan, NorthernArc, The Carps, Mama Mec, Ms. Preston, Jnel St. Sophisticated, Spec Boogie, Pepper, Dwine, Kenny, Scott Free, Angelo, Jeru, Elucid, Audible Treats, Aeon, FWMJ, Adrian Martinez, Biscuit Jenkins, Ms. Asya, OxyRoxy, The Bay @ Sway, Ms. Court, Dan Solo, Waajeed, Ms. Lockhart (where the hell was Saadiq??), Ms. Jackie, Ms. Fashion Maven Niki with the fly and sexy trench, and the gal with the bad ass trench outside the soho grand.

And of course, Trackademicks, Mike Baker and DJ Tap 10 of my new team, The Honor Roll.

If I forgot anyone its not cause I hatecha, its cause my memory is the worst. But thanks for making it a fun week, even if my ass ain't come out much.


PS - Brook and Jack, y'all were missed.
PPS - Remember everyone, trenchcoats are sexy.


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