eleventeen random thoughts.

won. the knicks suck. just in case you read this .. shut up, donnie.
too. i gotta get the life aquatic soundtrack. i have the session with seu jorge and they're dope.
tree. i haven't read the last graphic novel of preacher that i bought. its about the saint of killers origins and it kinda threw me a bit cause i wanna keep reading about jesse and company. i'mma try and knock that out this weekend.
foe. say it ain't so, cosmo.
phife. the clipse album is pretty damn good .. but for some reason, with a couple of exceptions, it just doesn't move me. i'm REALLY starting to think that i've outgrown hip hop. *throws on seu jorge*
sex. sandlot.
seh'm. don's munny talk has me wanting one.
ate. these folk are over here throwing down. i'mma get drunk off food tonight.
nova. finally done with this damn place. walls are painted. new couches moved in. polaroids are back up. place is squeaky clean. no don, this isn't for your next visit. jerk. it feels good, and i like to see my parents smiling, but i'll be happy when i can do all this to my own place.
tin. i need a camera :(
eleventeen. dani glow (its his gay porn name) told me to stop being a punk. he was referring to what/who was behind the khalil gibran and camera blogs. and it got me thinking which led to us (the what/who, not dani glow) talking. no holds barred. three 2 hour phone calls later eyes were a bit more open. more sense was made. and there was actually a laugh or two. honesty is the key and i think someone finally accepts that you don't have to destroy to build.


Anonymous said...

i believe this is tin ramdom things... sex is missing.

*re-reads and counts again*

yeah. no sex. {no pun intended. maybe}

And yes, the photo and Almitra blaaagh... *thumbs down* Quite thought provoking and all that stuff... but *thumbs down again*

Glad someone was brave enough to say so.

filthy said...

oops. there ya go .. fixed.

damn itis.

Askinstoo said...
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