this update is for ampy ..

"Whats next? Whats next to do SON?" © ampy.

this is what's next SON ..

talk to me is the new focus feature film about petey greene with don cheadle as petey.

peep the trailer and then rsvp to the FREE sneak preview (at regal union square theater) so yo stankin' ass has something to do.

happy, ampy??


Donald Williams said...

my next entry is going to be so fucking awesome that it will take you at least 5 entries to get on my level

its gonna have unicorns and unicycles and unibrows, all kinda unishits even unitards nigga


(i pray you are high when you read this)

Filthy said...

hahahaha i'm sober and you're a moron.

Sandy said...

Thanky you.

Pea! said...

im going to see this sh*t. today at 8? im there. why make von cheadle get all medieval?

Sandy said...

AMpy is lame.

My neighborhood is flooded.

Rain is lame.

Hope all y'all dry asses are enjoying the movie.

*Folds arms. Stops out*

Filthy said...

wack ampy ..
you wack.

Anonymous said...

This makes me extremely happy. Thanks for the info and hope you're well.