they're way existential.

"i NOT a mexican!"

so i just finished watching clueless with Bella. i've seen it about 3 times since friday and i'd forgotten how much i love this damn movie. but i'd really forgotten how i know damn near every line of this movie. i used to watch it, repeatedly, with my younger sister back when she thought her big brother was still cool enough to hangout with.

i gotta call michelle and set aside a play date for us, i miss that bitch.


swanee swifty said...

she is such a cutie pie.

teanickeldime said...

its one of my favorite movies. i remember-junior year in high school. we tried to convince our english teacher to let us watch it by agreeing to read the jane austen(or one of them brontes, i forget) book it was loosely based on.

no dice.

your boy tizzle hates that movie. he says it sucks. i say, he sucks.

Filthy said...

wasn't it based on austen's emma?

tizzle takes shit literally and too serious sometimes ..
and wif you do that with this movie then you will absolutely hate it.

swanee swifty said...

rollin' w/ the hoooomieeees.

em.jay.dee. said...

"u know how picky i am about my shoes, & they only go on my feet"

love it. what i love more is the fact that when this movie came out a lil skinny girl w/ a t-boz cut was cast on a talk show as a "real life clueless girl" & i...oops i mean, she got to meet some folks from the cast & talk like a valley girl for a whole hour. but i'm sure that tape has been destroyed, so um...forget i mentioned it.

oh & btw, michelle ain't got time to hang out witchu. she's too busy boinkin her bf. deal with it.

Filthy said...

dear mjd,

i heard miles was fuckin' girls in the back seat of your car.

get some leather cleaner.


em.jay.dee. said...

i hate ur life !

Angie said...

This movie is a classic!