on the road ..

so i've been taking Ms. Clementine Bellefontaine out for a spin for the last few days .. just a few miles here and there, its a pretty good exercise. before today, the most i'd done was almost 6 miles on monday morning.

but today i jumped on and slid out thru bed stuy ..
up to williamsburg ..
across greenpoint ..
down by the water front ..
under the williamsburg bridge ..
back down to clinton hill
over to ft green ..
and back across bed stuy before i headed home.

i kept mental notes of landmarks and i google map'd the trek when i got home ..

the map isn't 100% accurate, i actually did a lil more than what's on the map, but its pretty damn close ..
all in all, google map says i biked about 13 miles today.



trey said...
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swanee swifty said...

wow - look at you all rollin' around BK on your cute bike. [i'll kill them all.]

sit tight & get some rest... i'll be home soon. dinner & a leg rub comin' up! xoxo

Filthy said...


Filthy said...

who's this trey person that deleted their comment?

FireBrand said...

You wildin, playboi.

teanickeldime said...

my bike is cooler than yours.

AND i can ride so there :P