i last spoke to miss jack on friday and i knew she was going thru a few headaches (whic is to be expected, it's music, but its still a job) but she never mentioned anything serious going on with warner. so now i log onto AIM and the 1st thing i get hit with is this. i don't know what the fuck is going on and, being that i'm in nyc, it's too early to call her and find out the dead on truth. so i don't want to say much on their situation.

if it IS true then people who consider themselves fans need to hit up folk at warner and make their voices heard. we all spend time on sites like okayplayer, talking shit with our homies, writing blogs about how the major label world is lacking .. how music we love isn't getting heard .. how radio don't play us .. well we need to stop talking about it and do something. hit up A&Rs .. hit up execs .. i know a ton of y'all that are connected out the ass. stop talking to each other and start yelling at those that make the decisions for us.

as much as i love jack & brook's music, i can't say i would be shocked at a major label pulling something like this .. they do it EVERYDAY .. crush some kids dreams just cause they don't want to go thru the trouble of taking a risk on something that doesn't fit in the current mold. "too black for white radio and too white for black radio" is what i think we heard a few times over.

how many j*davey's, tanya morgan's, and bilal's have to go thru the woe's of this industry before we actually start making our voices heard?

"and i just wanna go outside and listen to the music that these pretty little people make" © jack davey, "this one!"

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teanickeldime said...

labels are too lazy and don't want to take a risk
industry execs are too fucking old to know what's up and really know what music today is all about (and it ain't black/white anymore!!!)
and the a&r's are too douchy and really feeling themselves to actually try and change things so that the talent THEY SHOULD KNOW IS OUT THERE can get a shot.

its sad.

swanee swifty said...

that's such bunk. :(

Anonymous said...

How can warner sign them with such confidence at first ..and then get scared shit about them and try to ditch them? they are making a massive mistake...j*davey=greatness..the world needs to hear them and experience them . Warner sucks *


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Oh snap! To the batphone.....

ron said...

"we all spend time on sites like okayplayer"

Lets not get it twisted.
Okayplayers send most of their online time on okayplayer instead of where it counts. No hate, simply truth. I used to hange there religiously around 99, 2000.

With that said, J Davey does make some interesting music, but they are simply not 'marketable' by any major record label in 2007. I worked at a few Major labels until I saw the light. Did they not learn from Phonte and Pooh?

The best way for them to get recognition is to litteraly hit that pavement - IN ADDITION - to the internet.

A internet buzz on a message board does not make a career.