bored on the road.

watermelanin is the group and the song is a remake of bobby brown's my prerogative. a few of you may have heard this lil ditty on donwill's myspace page a few months back.

basically, this is what happens when you're on a mess of a tour and you take your free time to goof off instead of thinking about the madness that's going on. i think i'd had about 6 red bulls when we did this. von thinks it was on a different night so i could be wrong. please be very judgemental.

Watermelanin - My 'Rogative

oh and, a certain tv star makes a cameo on the song.


E said...

greatest group EVAR!!!!!

Sandy said...

I came.

em.jay.dee. said...

oh my god...i am soooooo gonna start a "james the nigga hating dolphin" fan club!

ps : u guys need to lay off the drugs. geez.