this update is for donwill ..

today i had an egg n cheese sammich.
i showered.
i watched espn.
road my bike.
and i did some work with our friends over at okp.
that's all.

i'm gonna head home in a few to watch the BET awards with Bella.

how's that for a fuckin' update, don??


Mario said...

i dont know, but i like it...
where is pancakes house???

Angie said...


Donald Williams said...

not only am i offended but i also feel as if you are making fun of me

why cant we be friends jorge?

all i want to know is what you doooo

what do you doooooooooooooooooo

Sandy said...

I'm with dw on this one bud.

I swing by frequently to be all voyeuristic and shiiiiit... and all I get for a day or two is a reccomendation to go out and enjoy my saturday.

Well damnit. I enjoyed my saturday. Whats next? Whats next to do SON?

Trish said...