1408 & transformers.

so we got 1408 from netflix today ..
we'd been curious about it since it was released in theaters but never got around to seeing it.
um ..
this movie was terrible.

fuck horror movies yo ..
they're usually a let down.

we got transformers a couple of days ago ..
i hadn't been interested cause tyrese is in it and he annoys me.
but i finally got around to seeing it and i can't front ..
i enjoyed it.
yeah the acting sucked and the story was eh ..
but it was loud and loud and loud ..
and there were soooooo many explosions ..
and it was transformers!
that megan fox girl is sexy in a biker/tattoo artist's girlfriend kinda way.
i bet she knows all the best dive bars.

1 comment:

Mario said...

1408 was for sure weak!!!
snore city, which is unfortunate
cuz stephen king deserves better, john cusack too damnit...
i must say that crazed knife weilding dude was pretty funny...
i fucking hated transformers!
michael bay sucks!!!!!!
still watched it in imax, that desert was ill...
but the rest, yechhh!