men to watch?

so miss deanna sutton, over at clutch magazine, thought enough of track, andreas and myself (and nine other cats) to include us in their december 12 black men to watch feature.

now ..
if you haven't notice ..
i'm actually latino (ssshhh, don't tell anyone).

i just think its dope that even if it is on some small scale, some of us are starting to blur the line.

like toya would say ..
"we all the same shit!"


Sandy said...

so proud to have been the Pseudo celeb you lunched with.

What a wonderful Asshooooole you are.

Filthy said...

whatever son ..
you don't count as a pseudo celeb ..
we're homies so you can't count.

Angie said...

YAY! Congratulations! What a good look! My friends call me "light skinned", so I can relate, somewhat. ;)

FireBrand said...

Do it big, playboi.

ms. swifty said...

i'll kill everyone.

tia said...

why are the doctors not in this area? *sucks teeth*

congrats, george!

Che Grand said...

this is a good look!

Nora said...


Filthy said...

whatchu hmming about, miss nora??

Sandy said...

I've been downgraded. :/

nigga, how can I be LOWER than a pseudo celeb?

AND YES. the pocket mc REALLY is rubbing off on me.

I take that nigga back. but I refuse to delete what came out honestly.

You and I don't use that word. We say things like Whore and Heffer and other words with hard r's and g's.

Filthy said...

lower than a psuedo celeb?
a wanna be celeb.

and you are neither.

stop playing out dramatics in my comments section, sandy.

i'll kick your ass.

geechie said...

*clears throat*
*sings in a falsetto*

neeeeeeeeeeegro liiiiiiiiiiiiiiight


hey cuzzin!!