i need a private jet, yo.

tm, che, spec, gutta ..
holla at me ..
lets go half on a jet yo.

yall got rap $$, right??


Trish said...

wouldn't it really be 1/5th? let's go 1/5th on a jet? there's five of you...

3rd grade. math.

love ya! :)

Filthy said...

all them fools aint buying no jet with me and i aint trynna share no jet with ALL of them. imagine 5 mofos owning one jet??
spec would wanna go to jamaica.
gutta would wanna go to pr.
von would wanna go to fa-ho-nix.
che would want to go to ziiiimbaaaabweeeey.
don would wanna go to ohio.
and i'd wanna go to the bay (all day .. heeeey!).
so no ..
no jet for the 5 of us.
just one of them.
and me.
2 of us.
half on a jet.

i'm gonna punch you in the shins if i ever meet you, trish.

love ya!

Trish said...

meet me? WOW you have no clue who this is??

good night.
(hint: Mrs. D)

E said...

"and i'd wanna go to the bay (all day .. heeeey!)"

that is really the only place all of y'all need to come to any way.

Che Grand said...

exactly, we got "rap" money

jet blue
all day

Filthy said...

i don't do good with hints and clues trish!!!

Sandy said...

rap money$$ = JAzzmonEY$$

word son.