dear janice dickinson:

plastic surgery is not good.



Sandy said...

good googa mooga.

Improvian said...

Naaaaah, that can't be her. Naaaaah cuz I would so *insert typical male response*

Filthy said...

yep ..
that's her ..
and hell to the yes @ *insert typical male response*

Superbizzee said...

Y'all can keep her. After describing herself as a "Polish-mutt niggerlips," she could be the hottest thing in stilletos and I still wouldn't make wood my dude.

Filthy said...
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Filthy said...

superbizzee ..
we're talking about the grand change that she made and how she was a very attractive young lady.
i think its pretty common knowledge that she's got a few screws loose and is an idiot.
it's not that serious.