gutta sent me a link to www.sugardaddyforme.com and while the shit is hilarious .. it can't be real .. can it?

come to think of it ..
why am i questioning it?
people are crazy.


Mario said...

i read about this the other day
and saw a segment on good morning fox terrible excuse for a new show(guilty pleasure)

Mario said...

supposedly they have these events where millionares pay a fee to get in, and have there pick at broke ass model chicks...ha

Sandy said...

uhm... I'm broke. I've got an ass (albeit tiny) and fellas like to ask if I'm a model when they holler. And when last checked, I'm a chick.

Where/how can I sign up???

Mario said...


teanickeldime said...

i'm going to make one for older rich broads to get their cougar on. jorge, i want you in my stable. tizzle too.

sophistiphunk said...

why? first hip hop abs.
now THIS.
the horror! the horroooooor!