No Country For Old Men

so last night we headed out to see No Country For Old Men. and while it really wasn't what i was expecting, it was still good as hell tho, and javier bardem is TERRIFYING as anton chigurh. the story really plays out on some "this world isn't what i remember it" shit .. it got me thinking about how time passes us by .. how we evolve as a people and how those of us that don't end up left behind, kinda like those older folk who don't know shit about computers so they find it hard as hell to fit into a work force that they've spent their entire lives in. and anton plays the role of the computer. its actually kinda sad and beautiful at the same time. some of the movies i've seen as of late have been really disappointing so it felt good to go see a movie and come out not only satisfied but thinking.

but the more that i think about it, between this movie and jurnee smollett i'm gonna be hollering at aarp sooooon.

jurnee smollett is my anton chigurh!


FireBrand said...

you know I still haven't seen this yet? by the time I'ma get to it there will be a collector's edition

NegroLibre said...

seriously why even bother leaving the house anymore.


donnie jr. said...

Ebert & Roeper had this in their top 10 for 2007. I want to say #2. I have yet to see it and I'm trying to catch it on the big screen.

Nora said...

i really want to go see this. thanks for the review.

the_capital_t said...

i hate to say it, but i think i'm getting left behind.

and i can't seem to do anything to stop it.

Introspective said...

read the book, it's fan fucking tastic. it's like Introspective if it were written by a redneck with a lot of guns.