i am legend.

we went to see it last night ..
it was cool.
it was kinda 28 days later-ish ..
but not as good.
it was better than 28 weeks later, tho ..
then again, its not hard to top that shitty movie.
will was PREPARED tho ..
yeah ..
i dug i am legend ..
even with the predictable ending.


Mario said...

i enjoyed this flick...
thought the zombie/vampires could have looked scarier...
but the flick was aight...
will killed it!
him at tower video, that was funny as hell
i think if we could make hybrid of this and 30 days of night, it would be slamming...

donnie jr. said...


The first 2/3 of this joint was tight. I really enjoyed watching Will survive in this "urban jungle" (eh, i really hated typing that). But it was kinda tight seeing NY like that.

the end?