from dusk till dawn.

ok, i know this is a bit of an unpopular opinion but jesus christ do i hate this damn movie! i just finished watching it (giving it another try because hey, sometimes we just don't get things upon first viewing/listening/experiencing them) and nothing has changed. and at times i thought "maybe you just don't get it" .. but nope .. that's not it. i get all the lil references & nods, from rammstein to "assault on precinct 13" to "the getaway" to the lost boys. i get that its "clever" and that its supposed to be over the top and a bit of a gorefest. i get it. but that doesn't mean that i have to like it. its a lil too corny, a lil too over the top and i just really don't care about anyone in the film. i still fuck with rodriguez films tho.


Sandy said...

"jesus christ do i hate this damn movie!"

that graphic is awesome though.

Filthy said...

it really is.