muji opens in nyc this week!

so tomorrow my ass is headed to the grand opening of the new muji soho location.
muji seems like the ikea of japan ..
only funkier ..
and better ..
and with a wider range.

i'm excited about this shit


Sandy said...


Maybe I go look in the windows tomorrow too.

Its my last day off.

Che Grand said...


cop me this while youre there dog

i'll pay you back

f12 said...

whatchu know 'bout MUJI???
this is MY pencil supplier and I'm happy as hell I will no longer have to depend on the 12 square feet dedicated to them in the MoMA Design store!


Nora said...

Cool! thanks for sharing. i didn't even know about this place. Note to self "please go below 14th street more often"


Filthy said...

you need to go below 14th A LOT more often.
shit, i rarely go above 14th!