charlotte stand up!

so if you're in charlotte and you love hip hop then you're probably gonna be at tomorrow night's de la soul show at amos southend.

BUT ..

i just got news that my homies tanya morgan have JUST been added to the lineup and wil be opening up the evenings festivities.

so please, get your ass out to amos southend and enjoy a night of dope performances.

Tanya Morgan/De La Soul
Amos' Southend
1423 S Tryon St
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
Doors: 8.30pm


tia said...

yayers :)

Angie said...

YAY!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!

Sandy said...

Von=plug 1
Il=plug 2
Don=plug 3
in 20 years

(just in appearance fellas... don't be so damn sensitive)

Angie said...

FILTHY- You and Bella c'mon down!!!! :)

Filthy said...


Donald Williams said...

im mase?

Sandy said...

take a good look... you SORTA look like mase in that pic.

Von will gain some weight.
Il will cut the locks but its the facial hair that makes him Dave
and you...
you look like Mase.

Sorry for taking over your comment box Filth.

Sandy said...


Go to his page
and look at the retro post to see the playlist.

the songs in boldtype. I take issue with/to.

And the issues aren't that deep. I just think the stuff kinda sucks. and I think folks let things slide when it comes to "remixes/re-edits"

And then folks think its all great.

but I don't.