i. am. beowulf.

so we went to amc lincoln center last night to check out beowulf in 3d.
it didn't suck.
but it also wasn't very good.
the visuals were dope but the 3d was a bit much at times.
all in all, i woulda been cool with staying home and watching the leggy gals on top model.

best part was wearing the 3d glasses (i had to doubled up!).

but then we had to give the 3d glasses back ..
which kinda freaked me out a bit.
i mean, do they clean them before they give em to the next batch of folk?
is the staff on point with the cleanings?
do they get lazy and just hand em to the next crowd with someone else's forehead sweat on em?
just gross.
Bella and me decided that our glasses were worn by two extremely clean and beautiful young ladies before we got 'em ..
cause girls are cleaner than boys.


NegroLibre said...

"girls are cleaner than boys..."

Except in the bathroom. Women are known to get ludicrously crunk in the lavatory.

tia said...

ugh i hate doubling up. but i do it at work even though we're not supposed to (we're supposed to get prescription safety glasses). and eww on community 3d glasses.

Sandy said...

1) I KNEW you'd have a kissy pic in this series.

2) Re spectacles: Ewwwww.

3) You had an update explosion. Its appreciated.

Angie said...

I LOVE the last pic! Sweet! But yeah, yo, ewww! I hope they on point cleaning the glasses....

Trish said...

lol i love this! :)

Improvian said...

I wondered about that too with the glasses. I think they discard them because if you noticed, they hand the neatly packed glasses out the boxes.

And yeah the movie was ok, but that Beowulf speech, jeez can dude let go of 300?

Avatar (the new 3D movie by James Cameron(sp?)) is supposed going to blow Beowulf out the water. We'll see in two years.