new york sports is in a shit state.

New York Mets blew a 7 game lead with 17 games left. There is a BIG need for pitching in queens.
New York Yankees are dealing with a selfish Alex Rodriguez who has yet to bring a ring to the bronx. and lets not even talk about the whole Joe Torre mess.
New York Jets are 1-8 with a terrible Chad Pennington at the helm.
New York Knicks are 2-5 and in the middle of another Isiah Thomas vs Stephon Marbury beef. and let's not forget the Isiah Thomas sexual harrasment scandal.
New York Giants are 6-3 and having a pretty good season but they've had a light schedule. the rest of the schedule is kinda light too so if they make the playoffs it'll be on the heels of a weak schedule.
New York Rangers are 18-10 and New York Islanders 14-9, but i don't watch hockey.

maybe the Brooklyn Nets will bring a dominant team to New York?
prolly not ..
they touchdown in Brooklyn in 2009 ..
by that time Kidd will prolly be gone and i'd be shocked if Vince Carter was still in a Nets uniform.

I actually love most of these teams ..
well except for the Jets, i could care less about them.
and while i'm a Mets fan, i'm not a Yankee hater.
but at this point i just want to see SOMEONE bring a championship home.

hehehe and i stopped watching sports about 5 years ago ..
oh what a change domestic living has brought out.

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FireBrand said...

Being a NY sports fan is PAINFUL right about now.

Don't get me started on St John's.